Bruce Lee - actor and the master arts

Bruce Lee

    Bruce Jun Fan Lee is known in the whole world thanks to his films showing his martial art. We should have respect for him for his worth for world of martial arts. Bruce for the first time introduced a sectional training. In his book you can find model of training putting together elements of boxing, savate, judo, wrestling, fencing and other sports.

    Bruce Lee was a great philosopher and a master. His followers hold him in high esteem, what they emphasize in their declarations. Bruce Lee created the conception of Jeet Kune Do (the way of intercepting fist). The idea was made to simplify a martial art also to get rid of forms and frames and to enable for an individual to progress. I will try to publish on this webpage many piece of information about Bruce.

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“... Empty your mind. Be shapeless like water.

Put water into a cup and water becomes the cup.

Put water into a kettle and water becomes the kettle.

Water can flow, stream, drop or destroy.

Be water my friend...”

- Bruce Lee

There is no fixed teching. All I can provide is an appropriate medicine for a particular ailment.
-Bruce Lee
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