Bruce Lee - Childhood part 1

    Bruce Lee was born in 27 November 1940 in San Francisco. His  birth was between 6 and 8 o’clock.. 1940 was Chinese year of Dragon. That is why Bruce Lee used to be called The Dragon. He was the third child his parents’: Ha Chuen Lee and Graceie Lee. Bruce’s father was Bruce Lee - childa star of a opera from Canton. His troupe was on a tour of USA in 1940. So the place of Bruce’s birth was rather accidental.

     Mr and Mrs Lee named their new born child Jun Fan Lee. It means in English “return again”. But the father- Hai Chuen Lee was afraid of curse which had been put on male members of the family. Thus parents changed his name into female name Fon Sai. That means Small Phoenix. The reason for this change was to mislead demons, which couldn’t find the boy with female name. But before they left the neonatal ward, a nurse had advised them an American name for the child to avoid problems with the birth certificate. Thus young boy Lee got the name Bruce.

    Fortunately for Bruce’s father after the second world war show business was one of the fastest restoring industries. He started to earn a living as an actor. Thanks to him young Bruce got his first role when he was six years old boy. Soon he played in some more films. The role in the film Bruce Lee - badboy“ Yun Gui Fu” gave him a pseudonym Little Dragon. The nickname stayed with him for life.

    Bruce didn’t like school very much. His mother sad as a joke that until he was 10 he had been in the school as many times as she could count. When Bruce had finished Chinese primary school he started English Catholic College La Salle. But he was removed from this school. Parents sent him to another college in Hong Kong. It’s name was St Xavier Francis. But Bruce still couldn’t find there anything for himself. So there still were some problems with his behaviour. He was spending a lot of time out of doors in those days. He was a punk.

    Bruce used to claim: “Children in Hong Kong have nothing good. White people have the best things. The rest of us have to work for them. It’s the reason why most of children becomes punks. A big number of them never leave the slums”..

Empty your cup so that it may be filled; become devoid to gain totality.
-Bruce Lee
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